Music by Bill Kelley
Current Musical Project: The Incense Merchants are an improvisational music ensemble whose sound is best described as avant-garde, new-age classical with jazz tendencies. - Lindsay Nunez, Daily Reveille
Songs: I don't make many songs though I love making them.
Son (2009): A song letting my
11-year-old son know I'm here for him. I myself have had a wonderful life, if you need anyting, I'm here.

Grace (2008): Summer, looking out the window, a guitar in my hand, a neighborhood girl walking by, I play a few chords..
Saturday Morning
(2004): Just another Saturday morning in the Kelley household with three-year-old Finn and his cousin Sage.

Electronic Music: these tunes all fall into the "classical electronic" genre.

8 Turntables (1996): This song collage cuts
15 albums of indigenous music. Rich, delicious and seamless.

Broken Heart (1987) Spoken phrases and
fragments of phrases mesh to create this mesmirizing, surreal story.

First Mirage (1985) : Very slow crescendo to
intensity disolves into it's parts. A brand new Ensoniq Mirage was in the studio...oh yeah! A full eight bits of sampling power! I recorded my hand dragging over a balloon, my voice, and some drum machine stacatto. Then added a thin touch of DX7 sonorities

NeuroActivity (1989): The first sound you hear
is tweaked and becomes the second sound. Each succeeding sound evolves from the one preceeding it. Eventually everything is reversed and you arrive back at the original.


SPLIFFID (1986): This piece employs the
French tape technique called "musique concrete". Turn out the lights and crank it up. That's what I did when creating this piece. I recorded onto tape, three sounds from a bicycle. Then I manipulated those three sounds until I had a library of sounds all related to the first three. I I wrote a description of each sound in a notebook, arranged the piece in the notebook and then I arranged them on a four track for a final piece.

THROWDOWN (1986): Fast moving
percussion patternsdrive this tune. A pal had just built a song for percussion. Taking the output from the drum machine I channelled each instrument to a different Synth/sampler.

Regeneration (1989): This is what I call a
Mixer piece. 24 tracks of material were recorded and then mixed down. The materials include electronically manipulated sounds, voice, saxophone, piano, and internal piano.

SCRILL (1990): Intense and rich noiseScape
exploring the low and high end frequency spectrum using the rare, hybrid Touche synthesizer.
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